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Masters Full list of entries by name and event – please check your entry

Masters Name Event List If you have entered any of the Masters events please check the attached list above that you are listed against the events you have entered.  Any corrections/queries please contact our Bowls North Harbour Secretary/Events Manager Lesley at the Centre ph: 09 475 9941 or email: bowls@bowlsnorthharb... More

Summerset National Men’s and Women’s Singles – Markers Required!

** MARKERS NEEDED ** SUMMERSET NATIONAL MEN’S AND WOMEN’S SINGLES TOURNAMENTS On 2nd January 2021, the Summerset National Singles and Pairs Tournament will commence at bowling greens across the Auckland and North Harbour Centres. With more than 700 players involved, the tournament has exceeded participant expecta... More

Masters Update

Great news is we have over 200 entries, more than last year Entries close tomorrow Wednesday 23rd December at midnight During the Christmas break we will be busy arranging the Draws and the Venues We may need another team or two to prevent any byes Early in January we will publish the Venues and the Draws Later in ... More

Umpires Tournament – Friday 15 January 2021


Masters Entries – getting to the close off time for entries

  Thanks to all of you who have put entries in already Number of Entries       Single 9 60-74 Mens Fours 15 60-74 Womens Fours 12 75+ Mens Fours 9 75+ Womens Fours  3 60-74 Mens Pairs 34 75+ Mens Pairs 19 60-74 Womens Pairs 23 75+ Womens Pairs ... More

Thanks to all the Markers at the Battle of the Bridge

A big thank you to all the markers who made themselves available to mark the last game, the singles, of the Battle of the Bridge There were 32 people who volunteered their time for a couple of hours at Mairangi Bay and at Browns Bay At Browns Bay, the longest game, which was a real corker, between Pete Nathan and Gary ... More

Master Entries – Update of Entries

As detailed below entries are coming in, but we would really like to reach the total we had last year of nearly 200 The highlighted disciplines are a bit low in numbers to make for a fun competition and to prevent byes Number of Entries       Single 6 60-74 Mens Fours 8 60-74 Womens ... More

Final Results of Battle of the Bridge

All the results from the Battle of the Bridge yesterday Final Results Published More

Battle of the Bridge – Lindsay Knight

  There were many closely fought contests, but North Harbour had to concede overall superiority to its Auckland opponents in the 2020 edition of bowls’ Battle of the Bridge.  Auckland men won the premier one and two competition 18-10 at Browns Bay and in the women’s premier one and two at Mairangi Bay Auckland ... More

Masters 2021 Conditions of Play and Playing Schedule

  CONDITIONS OF PLAY BNH NZ MASTERS 2021 - Conditions of Play 20201126   PLAYING SCHEDULE   More