General Conditions of Play

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF PLAY: updated January 2023


  1. Laws and Regulations: Played under the Laws of the Sport of Bowls and Bowls New Zealand Domestic Regulations as applicable. 
  2. Controlling Body: The Controlling Body for this event is the Bowls North Harbour Match Committee. The Controlling Body will have the right to alter, add to or delete any conditions of play and/or special conditions to enable the completion of the tournament. 
  3. Code of Conduct: All players will comply with and observe the requirements of the “Code of Conduct for players at Bowls North Harbour Event” as set down in the Bowls North Harbour Centre Handbook. 
  4. Clothing: All players in a team event, or singles players in a singles event, shall wear their club uniforms or other matching sports clothing which is suitable for playing the game of bowls. This means the same shirts and coloured pants (long or short is acceptable) or skirts. Logos that conflict with the event or Bowls North Harbour sponsors will not be permitted. In inclement weather jackets or other suitable outer clothing is acceptable.
  5. Postponements: Any postponements due to weather conditions will be on the Bowls North Harbour Website & Facebook page. 
  6. Mobile phone: Use is not permitted by players on or alongside the greens during play.  Cell phones must be switched off or turned to silent. 
  7. Smoking Vaping Policy: There shall be no smoking/vaping on the greens or immediate surrounds. Smoking/Vaping areas will be designated at each venue as advised by the host club duty officer. Please be advised that some clubs in North Harbour are completely smoke-free clubs.
  8. Alcohol Policy: Alcohol shall only be consumed in areas defined by the host club liquor licence and in no event be allowed on the green or surrounds during play.
  9. Late Appearances: When any player has failed to be in position to commence play 15 minutesafter the scheduled starting time, the game will be awarded to the opponent. 
  10. Entry Fees and withdrawals: Entry fees will be refunded to late entries and entries not accepted. No refunds will be made to teams or players who withdraw after the draw has been made. Any withdrawals must be notified to the Bowls North Harbour office by 12 noon on the day preceding the scheduled commencement of the event. 
  11. Defaulters: No team or singles player will withdraw except in the case of illness of a player or other just cause. The Controlling Body may require evidence of the illness or other just cause to be submitted. 
  12. Use of greens: Bowls North Harbour acknowledges that clubs provide their greens for use in the organisation of centre and national events. At times there may be particular requests by clubs/greenkeepers for play to be in a certain direction and this may well be changed during the course of the event and in some cases during the day. Any such requests are approved as a condition of play for the event.
  13. Complaints: The Bowls North Harbour Match Committee will act on any complaints and all playing disputes, provided they are in writing to the Tournament Director prior to the card being signed.
  14. Breach of Conditions of Play: Where the Conditions of Play have been breached by any club, team or player then the Controlling Body for the event may take such action as to disqualify, fine or impose such other penalty against the club, team and/or player. Such action may result in the club, team or player from participating in further Centre competitions until the penalty has been discharged.
  15. Media and Communications: Bowls New Zealand and Centres reserve the right to use any video and photographs taken during this event for further promotional requirements.
  16. Trial Ends: Before the scheduled start of play for the first game of the day or before continuing an unfinished game on another day, one trial end may be played in each direction.  A team that has a bye may practise if it is to play an opponent which has already played a game on the green that day.  Practise must not be on the rink about to play on, however, the bye team may have trial ends on the rink to be played on. If it elects to do so, the opposing team may also have trial ends on that rink.  Refer to Laws of the Sport of Bowls Law 5.1.
  17. Substitutes/Replacements: If an original team a member, after being submitted at the time of entry or prior to the first game of the tournament, is unable to continue playing in the tournament for a reason accepted by the Controlling Body (Centre Match Committee/Event Director) then their place may be taken by a substitute or replacement in accordance with the Bowls New Zealand Domestic Regulations clause 7. The Controlling Body may require evidence in support of any application for a substitute or replacement.  There can be no substitution or replacement in any singles games.