President’s Message

It is my pleasure to again be elected as President of Bowls North Harbour.

I know that the 2017/2018 season will be a successful year for all players and clubs going on last year performances.

The Board has put together a great program for this year and thanks must go to the match committee and events management committee in putting the program together, it is not an easy task. A big thank you to clubs for making their greens and facilities available, plus all the volunteers that put their time and effort in to making the events successful.

To the first year and junior players, Bowls North Harbour welcomes you and hope you enjoy participating in our great game of bowls. Be assured the board will make every effort to promote junior players and coaching within the centre. Our coaches have put together a great program not only for our rep teams but for all bowlers; this is an area that the board has put a lot of effort in. Your participation and competitiveness helps bring a wider dimension to the game.

As Mike Spring, President of Bowls NZ said at his address to the AGM this year, the heart of every club is its cadre of roll-up bowlers so we’ve got to cater to their needs. The needs of our competitive bowlers are different and we have to cater for them. Our casual bowlers now outnumber our members by almost 3:1 and their needs are different again. And so too are the needs of our youth. We no longer have ‘one size fits all’ sport. To keep people in the game we must package our product into a package they want to buy! Because that’s the society we live in – “I’ll buy it if I want it, but if it’s not what I want then don’t try and sell it to me.

We have to make changes even if the club has to change their constitution to make it work.

Finally, on behalf of the Board and myself, I wish you and your club all the best throughout the coming year and good bowling to you all.

Tony Rickerby