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Legend of Bowls North Harbour – Pat Robertson

In the 1980s, about the time the Bowls North Harbour centre was starting, two names which rolled of the tongue as readily as ham and cheese were those of Helensville’s Ivan Kostanich and Pat Robertson. Together they won a host of titles, both in Auckland when Harbour clubs were still part of that centre and also in ... More

Legend of Bowls North Harbour – Ruth Lynch

Let’s see if I can capture in a few words those qualities that make our next Inductee an obvious choice to join the elite players of Bowls North Harbour. She packs a ton of ability and so much knowledge and experience into a small frame. She is so competitive, so focused and sets herself very high-performance standar... More

Legend of Bowls North Harbour – Brent Turner

Brent Turner was one of the true giants of Bowls North Harbour, and one of the most naturally gifted exponents of the sport that the centre has ever seen. His deeds were prodigious over many seasons. He won a swag of centre titles, was for many years an automatic representative selection and a high achiever at national ... More

Legend of Bowls North Harbour – Ivan Kostanich

Even though he is on most short lists in any debate on New Zealand’s greatest ever bowlers, Ivan Kostanich to some might not seem to be an automatic choice among the legends of Bowls North Harbour. After all, he won only four Harbour centre titles and when compared to the swags of the likes of Brent Turner and Colin ... More

Legend of Bowls North Harbour – Carole Fredrick

Carole Fredrick was one North Harbour’s most illustrious women’s bowlers who was widely respected throughout the centre and elsewhere in New Zealand. Originally from Wellington, she started bowling with her husband, Noel, also a competent player and solid administrator, at the Titahi Bay club in 1973. But it was on ... More

Legend of Bowls North Harbour – Danny O’Connor

Danny O’Connor achieved much of his bowling fame with the Auckland centre in the late 70s and 1980s when he and his friend Rowan Brassey were youthful members of some crack Okahu Bay club fours skipped by Nick Unkovich. Under Unkovich they won several Auckland and New Zealand titles and in 1983 O’Connor won the ... More

Legend of Bowls North Harbour – Barbara Kunicich

Barbara Kunicich was the dominant bowler in the 1970s and 80s in the old Waitemata women’s centre, which joined forces with the North Shore men’s centre in the mid-1990s to form Bowls North Harbour. Barbara was an accomplished skip, who was an inspiration to those who played with her, and a talented singles player. ... More

Legend of Bowls North Harbour – Marlene Castle

Marlene Castle, one of the undisputed greats of New Zealand women’s bowls, spent only a handful of seasons within the Bowls North Harbour centre, from 1994 to 2000, but in that time she crafted a splendid record. In those seasons, as a member of the Orewa club, she quickly won six centre titles to collect a gold star, ... More

Legend of Bowls North Harbour – Jean Ashby

Jean Ashby has achieved legendary status within the wider bowls community not so much for her playing ability, but for her notable contribution both to the centre and nationally as an outstanding umpire and for her expert knowledge of the game’s playing laws. Jean started bowling in 1967 and quickly became a competent ... More