Reminders to Players in Centre Events

  • November 6, 2017

Inclement Weather Clause – Clarification – The Inclement Weather Clause is in all Centre Conditions of Play. This is ONLY applicable when it is announced prior to the start of the particular round where the weather is extremely unpredictable. This clause does NOT come into effect part way through a round.

As these Centre events lead on to Regional & National events, in fairness to everyone at different venues, it is imperative all players have the same chance to represent our Centre by playing the same amount of ends or shots.

Clothing – Reminder – Players in a team/side will be in their club uniforms, whites or matching team clothing. This means the same coloured pants and shirts. Logos that conflict with the event sponsor will not be permitted. Should a person or a team continue to ‘infringe’ then subsequent action could be taken.

Play Stopped by the Bell – Should the game be stopped by the bell, if you are in the process of declaring the head, the shot(s) decision will continue. If the bell rings and you still have bowls to play, the end is dead. In all instances, when the bell is rung, all bowls should be removed from the green.