October 4th Fixture – Womens Premier teams

The BNH Women’s  teams selected for the Oct 4 rep games against Auckland are as below .

The quadrangular event planned for Oct 4 has been cancelled ( BOP and Northland withdrew due to Covid 19 concerns), and has been replaced by a game between BNH and  Auckland, involving 18 players   

The teams will be known as BNH Maroon and BNH Black .

The games are to be played at Pt Chevalier Bowling Club, commencing at 10 am.

Round 1
North Harbour Maroon.

Singles      Selina  Smith ( team captain)

Pairs 1       Jamie Chen/Wendy Jensen(s)

Pairs 2      Anne Dorreen/Ruth Lynch (s)

Fours        Millie Nathan/Elaine McClintock/Lauren Mills/Deb Presland (s)

North Harbour Black

Singles      Theresa Rogers

Pairs 1       Connie Mathieson/Christeen Dalzell (s)

Pairs 2       Robyne Walker /Sheryl Wellington(s)

Fours         Colleen Rice/Judy Smith/Trish Hardy/ Jaquie Belcher(s)

Reserves for round 1      Lyn Calver/Adele Ineson ( Adele will arrive at midday)


Round 2
North Harbour Maroon

Singles      Wendy Jensen

Pairs 1       Anne Dorreen/Selina Smith (s)

Pairs 2       Elaine McClintock/Ruth Lynch (s)

Fours         Millie Nathan/Christeen Dalzell/Lauren Mills/Deb Presland (s)

North Harbour Black

Singles      Jamie Chen

Pairs 1      Theresa Rogers/Robyne Walker (s)

Pairs 2      Judy Smith/Connie Mathieson (s)

Fours      Lynn Calver /Trish Hardy /Sheryl Wellington/  /Adele Ineson (s)

Reserves for round 2      Jaquie Belcher/Colleen Rice



The Management Team