Become a Coach

  • March 2, 2021

Both Bowls New Zealand and Bowls North Harbour are working together to encourage more people to become coaches

Bowls New Zealand have arranged an online training course which members of Bowls North Harbour are welcome to attend

There are two options to complete the Foundation course

Option 1

  1. Attend the online Zoom course 28th & 29th March 2020 arranged by Bowls New Zealand
  2. Attend a short practical session (1 hour) on the green at Orewa on 17th April  with Howard Sandler

Option 2 

  1.  Attend an all day Workshop at Orewa – 17th April (including the practical module) with Howard Sandler

The cost for either option is $50

BNH will pay your $50 entrance fee if you are keen to complete the Foundation course as laid out above and you are prepared to

  1. Commit to attending the winter coaching (4 Saturdays in June 8am-12pm) assisting a development coach
  2. Complete 8 hours of coaching, signed off by a development coach

Email BNH at [email protected]  to book either option and get the benefit of your course being paid for by Bowls North Harbour

A development course will be arranged at a later date for those who have their Foundation certificate and want to complete the Development course