• March 2, 2021

As you will appreciate with the impact of Covid 19 and the Government decisions over lockdowns, the re-scheduling of Centre events to alternative dates has been a difficult proposition for the Board & Match Committee in which to reach a consensus alongside the other events already on the calendar.

Following the publication of revised dates yesterday, and the conflicts which some changes had made to the scheduled events, the Board has re-considered some further re-scheduling of events. As an update to our earlier message of 1 March the following has now been agreed by the Board –


Cadness Cup              Women & Men    

Day 1 – 12 March; Day 2 – 26 March; and Day 3 – 16 April.

National Interclub 7’s 




Day 1 – 13 March; and Day 2 – 28 March.

Day 1 – 13 March; Day 2 – 27 March; and Day 3 – 28 March.

1 – 5 year singles     Women  & Men              

These events revert back to the original dates of 10 & 11 April. Closing date for entries remains at 26 March.

Centre Singles Women   

This event moves to 24 & 25 April. Closing date for entries has been moved to 9 April. This is Anzac weekend  and Monday 26 April, as the observance day, will also be available if required.

Centre Triples  Men 

This event moves to 5 & 6 June. Closing date for entries has been moved to 21 May.














Entries for all events must be submitted on-line as usual and the relevant dates will be amended on the entry platform.   

We do apologise for the re-scheduling of these events and hope there will be no longer lockdowns which will necessitate us to have to revisit this subject again.

Tony Popplewell

Chair, Bowls North Harbour