Update regarding our Centre Secretary/Events Manager; Shane Gibson

  • February 15, 2019

Hi All,

You may already be aware, Shane had a heart attack last week.

Talking with Shane again today, the prognosis is such that he wants to make full use of his time to be with Natalie .

Shane has resigned his position at BNH, and I know I speak for all of you, when I say we only want what is best for him.

Shane has lifted the bar in terms of his handling the role of Centre Secretary/Events Manager , and has earned the respect of players and administrators both at a club and national level.

Our first priority is to manage and deliver the Centre events next weekend and Colin Rogan has agreed to assist us with this.

I would ask you to exercise some patience in terms of our notifying the draw to you all, but please be certain this will be handled as quickly as possible.

Our second priority is to advertise the role of Centre Secretary/Events Manager, and this email is the first step. ( applications by email,   to Graham Dorreen[email protected].


Finally, and on a personal note, Shane has  always shown respect, professionalism, and talent in the short time he has been in the role.

I know he will receive the best care, and he has a wonderful partner in Natalie.


Graham Dorreen



Bowls North Harbour