Representatives Orewa Fixture and Update

  • September 10, 2020

Following are the teams to play at Orewa on Monday, 21 September 2020.

Details of the fixture are:

Start time – 6.00pm. Please be warmed up ready to start on time.

Drawn opponents – draw to be made before 6.00pm

Games to be 2 hours 15 minutes.

Followed by a 15 minute briefing from the Management Team.

Food from 8.30 pm.

Dress is Mufti.

There are 22 players in our initial squad. Everyone is in consideration for our final squad of up to 18 players.

That final squad will be selected after the Quadrangular on 4 October 2020 and will take into account performances at Orewa and in the Quadrangular, plus performances in “high performance” fixtures such as the Centre Mixed Pairs, the Kostanich and Burnside Singles, in addition to (recent) past performance.

Obviously most of you won’t be available for all fixtures but this gives you a number of opportunities to claim your place.

Brett is out of town on 21 September, leaving 21 to play at Orewa.

Clayton, Jason and Jeremy are unavailable for the Quadrangular but are available at Orewa and we want to see them in action – hence the separate game of triples, which includes both Bart and Kevin.

The following teams are “trial” teams. The teams to play in the Quadrangular will be named on Tuesday, 22 September 2020 and all available players (including Bart, Brett and Kevin) will be required for it.


White Team      Graham Skellern/Peter Nathan        Purple Team     Greg Taylor/David Payne

Black Team      Daymon Pierson/Steve Cox                Maroon Team       Walter Howden/Gordon Jenkins


White Team      Randall Watkins/Brent Malcolm/Bob Telfer/Jim Heath

Black Team      Simon Poppleton/Jack Huriwai/Jerry Belcher/Brian Wilson

Separate Game – Triples

Jason Parker/Jeremy Brosnan/Kevin Rainsford     vs      Clayton Hockley/ Bart Robertson/TBA

We are facing a very strong Women’s side, as follows:

Pairs  Team Red                                   Pairs  Team Blue

Ruth Lynch /Anne Dorreen                Wendy Jensen/Jamie Chen

Pairs Team Orange                              Pairs Team Yellow

Selina Smith /Millie Nathan             Deb Presland /Theresa Rogers

Fours Team Green

Elaine McClintock/Lauren Mills /Judy Smith/Connie Mathieson

Fours Team Amber

Adele Ineson/Sheryl Wellington/Trish Hardy/Colleen Rice


Jacquie  Belcher /Lyn Calver

Please contact us if anything needs attention or clarification.

Gary, Bruce and Neil.


Gary Stevens

Mobile:   +64 21 981874

Email:   [email protected]