October 4th Fixture – Mens Premier teams

  • October 1, 2020

The following are our sides to play in the Auckland/ North Harbour Intercentre on Sunday:

Round 1:        BNH Maroon:            

Singles:        Bart Robertson

Pairs:          Graham Skellern/Peter Nathan   

                    Brett O’Riley/Steve Cox

Fours:          Randall Watkins/Brent Malcolm/Jerry Belcher/Brian Wilson

                            BNH Black:             

Singles:        Daymon Pierson

Pairs:          Greg Taylor/David Payne        

  Walter Howden/Gordon Jenkins                                   

Fours:         Simon Poppleton/Jack Huriwai/Bob Telfer/Jim Heath

Reserves:       Duane McDonald and Kevin Rainsford


Round 2:        BNH Maroon:            

Singles:        Kevin Rainsford

Pairs:          Jack Huriwai/Jerry Belcher              Greg Taylor/Duane McDonald

Fours:          Simon Poppleton/Brett O’Riley/Walter Howden/Brian Wilson

                BNH Black:             

Singles:       Bart Robertson

Pairs:          Graham Skellern/Peter Nathan   

 Steve Cox/BobTelfer

Fours:         Randall Watkins/Brent Malcolm/Daymon Pierson/David Payne

          Reserves:               Jim Heath and Gordon Jenkins