New BNH Centre Secretary/Events Manager

  • March 6, 2019

The Board is delighted to advise the appointment of Lesley Langer to the position of BNH Centre Secretary/Events Manager. We had a number of excellent applications for the position, however given Lesley’s 9 years of experience as secretary at Browns Bay, we believe she is the perfect person for this role going forward.


In the short term, Lesley will be working in conjunction with Lisa and our match committee as we work our way through the remainder of this season’s Centre events.

Lesley will be starting on Monday and I’m sure you will all make her feel welcome.


Lesley has a commitment to an overseas holiday April/May, during which time she will still work remotely in conjunction with Lisa.


‘Happening at Harbour’


Graham Dorreen


09 475 9941

027 235 9864