Mens 1-5 Junior Team for Battle of the Bridge

  • November 21, 2019

We are pleased to congratulate the following members that have been selected to represent North Harbour at the next challenge from Auckland on the 1st December at Milford Bowling Club:


Team One:                                                                 Team Two:

Bob Telfer               – Takapuna              Jerry Belcher               – Takapuna 

Gordon Jenkins    – Takapuna               Phillip Chisholm         – Mairangi Bay

Matthew Higginson    – Orewa               Zaylin Ross                 – Riverhead

Allan Langley     – Mairangi Bay            David Payne               – Mairangi Bay

Reserves: Chris Searle (Orewa) , Keith Benson (Manly)

Group Captain: Bob Telfer

In the New Year we shall forming a “ Development Squad” for those names

that have been forwarded as future players from many of our NH clubs.

North Harbour Rocks!

 Ian McKenzie / Murray West

BNH Mens 1-5 Year Representative Team

Team Manager / Technical Director