Masters Final Charts

  • February 21, 2020

Below is a copy of all the Finals charts

Masters Final Charts


List of Winners and Runners-up

60-74 Mixed Pairs
Winners: Trevor Drake, Linley O’Callaghan (15, won on extra end)
Runners-up: Peter Bellis, Reen Stratford (14)

75 & over Mixed Pairs:
Winners: – Nick Krajjanic, Clara Bowman (12)
Runners-up: Delrick Henley, Cindy Henley (6)

60-74 Men’s Pairs:
Winners: Trevor Drake, Lindsay Thomas (10)
Runners-up: Bruce McClintock, Walter Howden (8)

75 & over Men’s Pairs:
Winners: Murray Radojkovic, Barry McCrystal (11)
Runners-up: Bob Howitt, Murray Mathieson (7)

60-74 Women’s Pairs:
Winner: Judith Seager, Lin East (15)
Runners-up: Linley O’Callaghan, Christine Buchanan (3)

60-74 Men’s Fours:
Winners: Barry Green, David Ball, William Whitburn, Grant Keats (10)
Runners-up: Neil Fisher, John Walker, Murray Mathieson, Bryan Chapman, Gary Cotton (6)

60-74 Women’s Fours:
Winners: Gayle Melrose, Ruth Lynch, Marilyn Constenine, Mary Campbell (12)
Runners: Elaine McClintock, Kerin Roberts, Christeen Dalzell, Jan Harrison (11)


Consolation Pairs:
Winners: Kevin Morris, Graham Edwards (15)
Runners-up- Sandy Cleghorn, Bob Wilson (10)