Digital / Laser Measuring Device Use

  • October 30, 2020

Dear All

Many of you will be aware of the arrival of various laser / digital measuring devices onto the market in recent times.

We wish to clarify our position on the use of these measuring devices for the benefit of all players; as follows………

Bowls New Zealand is supportive of the use of these new digital measures for use by bowlers (we think that a reduction of the need to crawl around on ones hands and knees can’t be a bad thing!), however they will not be used by umpires at events.

Therefore, until any advice to the contrary is provided, Bowls New Zealand Umpires Association umpires will continue to use the traditional tape measure and other measuring equipment as the official tool for measuring bowls distances during official tournaments / events.

Bowlers can therefore use (after the last bowl of an End has been played ONLY):

  • Eyes (free)
  • Overlapped / crossed fingers (also free)
  • Traditional tape measure (around $60)
  • Digital measure (around $150) – e.g. Hunter Bowls
  • Bowls App (from around $10) – e.g. Bowlometer

(n.b. To allow the use of a Bowls App such as Bowlometer, the use of a mobile phone or tablet type device is permitted on the green, provided it is not used for communications such as talking / texting / emailing at any time during the game.)

Please share this information with your membership so that they are aware of their options and, importantly, aware that players they are sharing the green with may employ one or more of these new measuring devices.             

Thanks and kind regards

Chris Lander

General Manager – Clubs & Community