Cadness Cup Winners 2019

  • April 3, 2019

Cadness Cup Men’s Winners 2019: from left: Joseph Korkis (three),
Mick Moodie (Skip), Gary Wallance (lead), Sandy Cleghorn (two).
Absent: Evan Thomas (two)

Cleghorn Helps Out

After five rounds of Cadness Cup section play Birkenhead 1, Gary Wallace, Evan Thomas Joseph Korkis, Mick Moodie (s), had six straight wins to top there section, in fact the only unbeaten team across the three sections. In doing so qualified for the Cup post section. Birkenhead 2, Keith Burgess, Barry Reyland, Steve Yates and Lionel Drew (s) didn’t fare so well in section play with two wins for five games, but qualified for the Consolation post section. Friday 29 March and the trek to Manly was made. Birkenhead 2 had hopes of at least finishing off the event on the podium of the Consolation. Unfortunately this wasn’t to be with Drew’s four beating Beach Haven (18-12) first up but then dropping the next game to Mahurangi East 2 (19-25) and the third game wasn’t played. Birkenhead 1 and Moodie’s Four had made the Cup post section unbeaten. But today a slight change in the team as Thomas was unavailable, Sandy Cleghorn was called in to play two. First up Tony Popplewell’s Mairangi 1 with Birkenhead keeping up their record and coming away with a win (17-11), Chris Taylor’s Takapuna was next in Birkenhead’s sights and another win (20-16). Seven straight wins and one game to play. J Holdsworth’s Mahurangi East 1, with past Birkenhead member Martin Short, was all that stood between Birkenhead and the Cadness Cup for 2019. At the conclusion of the game Birkenhead had scratched up its eighth straight win (24-14) and in doing so claimed the Cadness Cup for 2019 undefeated. Presented in 1919 this was the 90th year of Cadness Cup competition.