BowlsHub Aotearoa – Player ID for entering Centre and National Tournaments

  • August 23, 2022

BowlsHub Aotearoa ( is an on-line event/member management system that is being implemented for the forthcoming season.  BNH have been using BowlsHub Aotearoa for all tournaments since the Champ of Champs, in parallel with our standard manual event management.

It is our intention to have BowlsHub Aotearoa implemented as our only mechanism of event management for the 2022-2023 season onwards.

All players who wish to compete in Centre and National events, will need to create a login to BowlsHub Aotearoa and player profile, which in turn, will give you an ID number, that will be required when entering all Centre and National tournaments.

The process is straight forward and only requires an email address to do this.

Should a player not have an email address, they will need to speak directly with their Club, who will provide assistance.