Bowls North Harbour – Cleanup – Preparation for Next Storm

  • January 31, 2023
After our BNH Board Chair, Robyne Walker, checked in with all the club representatives,  it’s great to know that there’s been an overwhelming contribution from members of the BNH clubs to volunteer at the storm clean ups.
Greens have been cleared of debris, squeegeed & vacuumed, clubhouses checked, carpets dried or lifted etc by our many club members. Our Waimauku Bowling Club has even become a drop off hub for the distribution relief centre at Massy University and delivered 4 large loads of goods already. Many thanks to everyone.
Currently the Metservice has issued severe rain warnings for another system due to start on Tuesday 31 January at 5pm so here are some links to help you with the latest updates:
1. For everything you need to know about the severe weather and state of emergency check:
2. Follow Auckland Emergency Management for all the latest updates: and
3. For interruptions to services and facilities, check:
Be sure to keep in touch with each other at this time. A quick text or phone call is always appreciated.
Stay safe.