BNH Centre Event Prize Money

  • May 13, 2019

Comments were made last week on Facebook regarding prize money for Bowls NH Centre events. 

We, the Board of Bowls North Harbour, again reiterate the following:

 There are a number of costs involved in running a centre event.

  1. The Centre pays a club $50 per green per day for hosting a Centre event 
  2. The Centre pays an umpire $25 per green per day
  3. The Centre pays a Director an allowance for managing and delivering the event on behalf of the players and the Centre.  This person also has responsibility for preparing the cards for each event and filing the results.
  4. We need to make an allowance for the centre Secretary’s time in organising greens, collating entries, preparing the draw and COP and liaising with clubs.
  5. We need to make an allowance for engraving/prizegiving costs.  The $4,000 annual prizegiving costs are apportioned across events throughout the year
  6. We need to make an allowance for badges and certificates
  7. After costs, we pay out 60% as prize money, although most junior events are loss-making.  However, we decided to support these events as a bowls development cost. Any surplus that remains is then allocated to rep team travel as this is our only source of income apart from sponsorship and grants, which are of course non-guaranteed income. 

Two years ago, the Board decided to equalise the prize money for men and women based on the combined entries.  The reason for this was that we had declining entries for women and we hoped that this increase in prize money for women’s events would attract more entries.  Suffice to say, this did not happen, so the prize money for each event is now calculated based on the entries and costs for each event.

The BNH capitation fee of $23 per player per year that is charged to clubs by the Centre, don’t even cover the cost of the Centre Secretary/Treasurer’s wages.  We are mindful that many of our clubs are struggling financially and this capitation fee has been capped at the same level for 3 years.

We have canvassed other Centres and not all of them incur the cost of greens, umpires and event directors. Interestingly, when we canvassed 16 Centres on how they allocate prizemoney for centre events, our prize money allocation compares very favourably with other Centres.

Graham Doreen
Bowls North Harbour Board