Auckland Bowling Club Junior Champ of Champ Singles – 25 & 26 May

  • May 9, 2024

The Auckland Bowling Club Junior Singles Champ of Champs is going to be held this year on the weekend of 25 and 26 May.

Auckland Bowling Club invites anyone who has won a club Junior Singles title under any of these conditions to take part:

  1. Winner of the Year 1-5 Singles title if the club runs one competition for all Juniors
  2. If the club runs Men’s and Women’s competitions separately, the winner of either or both players can enter
  3. A Year 1-5 player who won the Junior Singles title if the club runs the competition in a Year 1-8 format

The format will be a straight knock-out. Any byes will be disposed of in the first round. Matches will be a race to 21, with no time limit. Depending on entries, sections of the competition may be played at other clubs in the Auckland area. This will be advised in due course.

If we have more than 16 entries, three matches will be played on Saturday and a Finals Day will be held at Auckland Bowling Club on Sunday 26 May. If there are 16 or fewer entries, the tournament will be completed on Saturday 25 May.

Entry is $20 per player, payable on the day, and all players will be asked to bring a marker. There will be a trophy and a prize pool for this competition.

Entries can be made to Paul Neazor
[email protected]
027 490 6214