Women’s 1 – 5 Squad for Battle of the Bridge – 4 December 2022

  • November 23, 2022

The management team have selected the following players to play Auckland at Battle of the Bridge on December the 4th. 


Team 1

Team 2

Gaye Horne

Michelle Macdonald

Hanaan Shahwan

Kathy Stevens

Karen Vaisierre

Irene Costello

Rosemary Nicol

Jeni Hart 




Team 1

Team 2

Michelle Macdonald, Rosemary Nicol

Gaye Horne, Jeni Hart

Team 3

Team 4

Irene Costello, Karen Vaisierre

Kathy Stevens, Hanaan Shahwan




All 8 players


There are some players that weren’t available and for those that haven’t been selected this time, keep going. You are being noticed – just do those drills and get out into the Centre as much as possible. 

Good bowling to all.

Regards Trish, Judy and Garth