Winter Cup – Finals Day 4 August 2023

  • July 31, 2023

Both the Women’s and the Men’s Finals of the 2023 Winter Cup are to be played at Browns Bay on Friday 4th August 2023, start time is 9:30 am.

The format for the Women’s Final is a Round Robin between the four finalists:
Wellington – Mairangi Bay Pearls
Oates – Browns Bay Babes
Howden – Orewa Sea Gals
Brassett – Warkworth Kowhai

The format for the Men’s final is knockout between the 8 finalists. 

The draw for the Mens’ Finals first round is:
Hindmarch – Birkenhead Bees vs. Ruddell – Warkworth Falcons
Keates – Takapuna Grange vs. Clark – Orewa Seagulls
Cameron – Mairangi Bay Sharks vs. Patton – Orewa Carpet Baggers
Parker – Beach Haven Badgers vs. Sheehan – Browns Bay Black Bears

The reason for the differing formats is the number of teams that entered and the need to complete the competition over 3 playing days.