Update on the Masters finals at the end of the day

  • February 18, 2022

Final Results

Winners of 60-74 Mixed Pairs –   Mary and Andy Campbell over Mina Paul and Derek Brien 13-4

Winners of the 75+ Mixed Pairs – Garry Banks and Beryl MacDonald over Geoff Horwood and Kathy Lister 17-5

Winners of 60-74 Mens Pairs – David Ball and Ted Walker over George Lyddiard and Grant Bush 11-5

Winners of 75+ Mens Pairs – Garry Banks and David Calloway over Petar Sain and Ivan Zonich 12-10

Winners of 60-74 Womens Pairs – Jan Gledhill and Collen Rice over Adele Ineson and Connie Mathieson 13-8

Winners of 75+ Womens Pairs – Jill Fraser and Ann Muir over Irene Costello and Geraldine Wight  9-18

Winners of 60-74 Womens Fours – Estelle Hickey, Sue Curran, Helen Blick. Paula Kempthorne over Elizabeth Ring, Val Taylor, Mary Wright, Tira Campbell 20-5

Winners of 75+ Mens Fours – Murray Radojkovich, Brian Rogers, Ron Horne, Arthur Beel over Garry Banks, Dave Callaway Bryan Costello, Keith Stevens 12-11

Winners 60-74 Mens Fours – Walter Howden, Steve Hoeft, Peter Nathan, Bruce McClintock over Neil Fisher, John Walker, Brian Chapman, Colin Rogan 10-9

Winners 75+ Womens Fours – Kathy Lister, Shirley Hodges, Margaret Stott, Dorothy Stubbins over Jill Fraser, Jenny Welsh, Clara Bowman, Ann Muir 9-8

Still available to watch on the links below

Men’s Fours Final: https://youtu.be/1lxl_RoLY-c

Women’s Pairs Final: https://youtu.be/IaqGCPTMDaE

Mixed Pairs Final: https://youtu.be/nU4qw-tgcYU