Update from Bowls NZ and the impact on Centre events

  • March 20, 2020

To all Clubs in Bowls North Harbour

Bowls New Zealand issued a further update today recommending that all bowling clubs throughout the country be closed for organised bowls events and activities until further notice. The Match Committee of Bowls North Harbour met this afternoon and confirmed their acceptance of the recommendation which further impacts the Centre competitions for the remainder of the season. The full text of the notice from Bowls New Zealand can be found here – https://bowlsnewzealand.co.nz/featured/coronavirus-covid-19-update-18-03-20/

In the light of this advice the Match Committee considered the effect on the remainder of events which were in progress and scheduled for the remainder of the season and have agreed the following –

  1. Cadness Cup – The remaining games have been cancelled and the results of the first three rounds will be used to determine the winners. In the women’s event the winners were Mahurangi East and the runners-up Takapuna Blue. In the Men’s event Mairangi Bay were the winners and Takapuna 1 were the runners-up. The results of the first three games for both these events has already been posted on the website. Completed
  2. Bowls3five – The finals for both the Open Interclub and the Junior Interclub events scheduled for 26 March at Takapuna club have been postponed until further notice. Consequently, the Regional final will also be on hold until we can complete the Centre finals.
  3. Men’s Singles and Women’s Triples – These events were scheduled for 28 & 29 March, are now cancelled and will not be played. Entry fees will be refunded to the clubs.
  4. Champ of Champ Singles for both Open and Juniors – These events, which were scheduled for 4 & 5 April, will be postponed until further notice. Entry fees will be held pending a further decision being made on these two events.
  5. Champ of Champ Pairs/Triples/Fours – These events for both Men and Women are scheduled for playing during the month of May. At this stage these events are postponed until further notice and entry fees received will be held. Clubs should continue to advise their entries for these events pending further notice.
  6. Open 1-5 year Singles and Pairs and the Open 1-8 year Triples and Fours – These events for both Men and Women were scheduled for playing during the month of May. They are now cancelled and will not be re-scheduled for this season. Any entry fees already paid will be refunded.
  7. Open 2-4-2 Pairs – This event scheduled for 13-14 June has been cancelled and will not held.
  8. Mercedes Rosebowl  – We are waiting to hear from Hikurangi club but assume they will follow the Bowls NZ guideline and it will be postponed or cancelled.  We will inform Birkenhead (the winning team) when we get an update.
  9. Events scheduled for after the 30 June will be considered at a later date.
  10. The annual meeting of Bowls North Harbour and the Awards function are scheduled for the Sunday 21 June. In view of the numbers expected at these functions being in excess of the current recommendation of 50 or less a decision on these events proceeding will be made at later date.

Lesley Langer


Issued 20 March 2020