Prizemoney for BNH Centre Events

  • March 19, 2018

The focus of playing a Centre Event is to win a Centre title, however we do offer prizemoney to the winners and runners-up (at minimum).

The Board use a template for calculating prizemoney for all Centre Events. This is based on the number of entries received and the costs associated to run the event. Included (but not limited to) in the costs are payment to clubs for use of their greens, payment to the Umpires Association, payment for a tournament director and allowances for engraving, certificates, badges, pathway entries  etc. Income is limited to entry fees per discipline.

The balance of the money after costs are deducted is split 60% for prizemoney and 40% to the Centre.  A key focus is for the Centres portion to go towards funding rep travel and accommodation.

We have discussed and forwarded our template to nine Centres’ around NZ.  This feedback is available on request.

On a comparison basis our view is that we treat our players, clubs, and Umpires Association in a very fair manner.