Prebble Seeds Ltd join the Bowls New Zealand Family.

  • May 15, 2018


Bowls New Zealand and Prebble Seeds Ltd are pleased to announce their new partnership designed to support the Bowls New Zealand Green Keepers’ Association. This partnership aims to develop the members who put in such effort so that bowlers can play their sport on the best surfaces possible throughout New Zealand.

“Bowling clubs and their green keepers throughout New Zealand, whether they have natural or artificial surfaces, will benefit from the opportunity Prebble Seeds Ltd enable them.” Maurice Symes, Bowls New Zealand Green Keepers’ Association says “We (as an association) are thrilled with this announcement, this partnership is invaluable.”

Bowls New Zealand Green Keepers’ Association are the beneficiaries of this partnership and the organisation will be able to provide support, training and research for its members. “So often do we forget the hours put into the greens at the club,” says Bowls New Zealand CEO Mark Cameron, “We take for granted the time and care put in behind the scenes. This partnership will play a major role in acknowledging the effort of our green keepers and help develop them in their chosen careers.”

Bowls New Zealand asks clubs and green keepers give full support to Prebble Seeds Ltd as their own greens and green keepers will benefit in the long term.