• September 26, 2017

Due to the inclement weather at this time, all play for this Saturday 30th September will be on artificial greens.

Play for Sunday 8th & Saturday 14th October depends on green availability, and we are not wanting any of our North Harbour lovely greens to be damaged. Please could each Pennants participating club confirm if their natural green will be available for the above dates, otherwise we may need to be on artificial for 8th October.

This season we have 25 Men’s sides, 13 Women’s sides and 8 Any Combination sides. Last season most divisions had 8 sides, this year there is 6 sides in most divisions. Promotion / Relegation was done BUT if there was already a club side in that division, the 2nd placed side moved up to ensure only one club was in any division. Men’s Division 4 & Women’s Division 2 – some sides will have a bye over the three playing days. The any combination sides are in 2 divisions of 4, therefore playing each side twice.

The draw will be emailed out to all host clubs tomorrow so they can do the cards for this weekend’s play. On completion of play on Saturday, please ensure you have someone scan and email the results sheet to me.

Apologies for the lateness of the pennants draw.

Thank you to all Host Clubs for hosting this weekend’s play.

Pennants 2017 Booklet COP 30SEPT