Pennants Round Six – Saturday 10th November

  • November 9, 2018

It looks like there will be a weather front passing through tomorrow morning, but our resident weather guru assures me this should pass through before the scheduled start of play. At this stage all games will go ahead as planned, commencing at 9am.

A reminder about the inclement weather conditions in the COP for pennants:

  1. Inclement Weather:

Should inclement weather or any other circumstance prevent a round being completed fully then:

  1. a) two games completed with a minimum of 10 ends out of the 3 games in that round shall constitute a match result;
  2. b) If a match result cannot be decided then the match shall be considered a draw and each team shall be awarded 7.5 competition points;
  3. c) This inclement weather condition shall be applied separately to each venue


Further updates will be made via the Bowls North Harbour Facebook page and website if required.