Mens Rep Squad

  • October 20, 2020

We are pleased to advise that the Rep Squad of 18 players will be – Bart Robertson, Bob Telfer, Brent Malcolm, Brett O’Riley, Brian Wilson, Clayton Hockley, Daymon Pierson, Graham Skellern, Greg Taylor, Jack Huriwai, Jeremy Brosnan, Jerry Belcher, Jim Heath, Peter Nathan, Randall Watkins, Simon Poppleton, Steve Cox, Walter Howden.

We thank the other candidates who participated in our selection process.

We will be announcing the teams for the Battle of the Bridge (Sunday, 6 December) within the next week. Please remember that we require 16 players so there will be 2 reserves.

There will be training on Sunday afternoon, 15 November, at about 4.00pm – details to follow.

In addition, we are keen for a game against our women reps before the B of B, probably an evening game because weekends are full.

Again congratulations to those selected. We are looking forward to working with you for a very successful season.

Gary, Bruce and Neil