Good News! The Mens Singles and Womens Triples are ON! this weekend

We are going ahead with the tournaments! Yay! 

The existing COPs apply

Mens Singles COP 2021 0218 Published

Womens Triples COP 2020-21 Published

Some rink numbers may change to allow for better social distancing for the Womens triples.  

Venues remain the same

There are some rules under Level 2 we ask you to be mindful of and adhere to

  1. At all times keep a distance of 1 Metre apart
  2. Ensure you scan in to the venue you are playing at
  3. Only allow one person in your team to handle the mat and the Jack
  4. DO NOT shake  hands do not have any physical contact with anyone else
  5. DO NOT handle other peoples bowls.  

Any questions please contact Lesley on 027 235 9864