Follow up on Bowls NZ recommendations

  • May 14, 2020

Having gone seven weeks without any bowling experiences we are sure clubs and members are itching to get going to enjoy the game. Bowls New Zealand in their email advice of 13 May enclosed a summary of the recommendations to meet the guidelines issued by the Government through Sport New Zealand.

See this link for the guidelines –

These recommendations were further explained and summarised in the covering email dated 13 May.

Bowls North Harbour are in support of the recommendations and are anxious that clubs and members are fully aware of the expectations to meet the recommendations as advised. The purpose of this advice is to encourage clubs to proceed carefully during these initial days while we are in “Alert Level 2”. In essence, play should be within a “bubble” of six players or less on one wide rink only and there be no other movement of players between rinks in the session during the time the players are on the green.

We cannot stress enough the importance of following the recommendations as every care has to be taken to mitigate any risks of the virus being activated amongst the bowling community, especially as most members are in that vulnerable age bracket. Of course, we all hope that the restrictions will be eased shortly so we can get back to playing without the necessary precautions recommended, but in the meantime we remind clubs of the recommendations which should be followed.

The BNH Board