BNH Women Cadness Cup – 4/11/25 Mar 22

  • July 20, 2020
  1. Clubs may enter as many teams as they have players available.
  2. The number of players in each club team will be four. Two players must be of 1-10 years bowling experience or graded lead or two in their club grading list.
  3. Each player will play 2 bowls in each end and games will be of 12 ends per game or 1 ¾ hours unless shortened due to weather or other conditions.
  4. Each end will count as “Bonus Fours” with a maximum of 2 points available after the first two players of each team have played their bowls.
  5. All players in each club side must be members of the same club. In exceptional circumstances the Centre may allow a composite side to enter if a club or clubs have insufficient members to form a side.