Bowls NZ communication June 2018

  • May 31, 2018

Many thanks everyone for your time during my recent visits around New Zealand centres and clubs.

With 27 centres to visit over 6 weeks it was a busy time personally, and I thank everyone for accommodating me with time during the day and the evenings.

Whilst I was obviously keen to discuss future strategies for our bowling community, I was also appreciative of (and acknowledge) the feedback on the various topics discussed.

By way of summary, I have highlighted some of the more significant themes to the meetings:

Proposed Club Levy Model

The proposal to be voted on by the membership at the September 2018 AGM has now been well debated. Should we adopt a ‘per club’ levy model or retain the existing ‘per member’ model? That decision now rests with the you (the clubs) for delegate instruction, for the upcoming Bowls NZ AGM.

National Tournaments

Bowls NZ will be putting its resources towards three national events this summer:

  1. Nationals – split between two venues early January and early March 2019.
  2. Intercentre – held in March 2019
  3. Bowls3Five
    1. Televised League – October/November 2018
    2. National Interclub – summer 2018/2019

Over the next six months we will continue to review how we promote and deliver other national tournaments.

I would add though, that the message I received loudly from the bowling community confirmed we need (as a matter of priority) to ensure we retain a ‘pathway’ for the average club bowler to achieve a New Zealand title. What this looks like and how accessible it is for all bowlers is the challenge.

Key Strategies: Bowls NZ

The following four strategies were presented and discussed with the membership:

  1. An increased investment in ‘casual participation’, ahead of (not instead of) membership.
  2. The introduction at all levels of a short form bowls game: Bowls3Five
  3. Increasing our ability and investment in communicating the sport of bowls to the bowls community and wider NZ market
  4. Delivering modern ‘community’ bowling club facilities.

Bowling Club Census

Bowls NZ thanks all the clubs for their support in the 2017 club census. A valuable statistical tool, and one that has already delivered commercial benefits for the bowling community. In 2018 we welcome club support of our new commercial partners: Prebble Seeds, BLK (clothing), the NZRB (TAB) and Summerset Retirement villages. We also look forward to progressing a ‘cost saving’ conversation on Insurance Premiums with all bowling clubs.


Over the next couple of days Bowls NZ will be sending all centres (for distribution to clubs) the following:

  • ‘Expression of Interest’ information for clubs to participate in the 2018 Televised Bowsl3Five League
    • Conditions of Play for the 2018 Televised Bowsl3Five League
    • Draft 2018 Participation Agreement
  • Conditions of Play for the 2018/2019 Bowsl3Five Interclub competition
  • Conditions of Play for casual (twilight) Bowls3Five

Our primary focus in 2018/2019 will be the establishment of the televised league (in association with Sky Sport).

As always, if you have any questions/concerns please ask.

Kind Regards,

Mark Cameron

CEO, Bowls New Zealand