BOP Fixture 16th January – Change to Womens Rep teams

Hi Team ,

With Selina Smith,  Anne Dorreen , Lauren Mills and Christeen Dalzell being unavailable for the BOP games, we have had to revise the team selections advised earlier.

Premier One

Round One

Singles   Millie Nathan

Pairs       Wendy Jensen/Lisa Dickson (C)

Fours      Connie Mathieson/Elaine McClintock/Debs Presland/Ruth Lynch.

Reserve  Adele Ineson

Round Two

Singles  Elaine McClintock

Pairs      Wendy Jensen/Lisa Dickson

 Fours    Millie Nathan/Adele Ineson/Debs Presland/Ruth Lynch

Reserve  Connie Mathieson

Round Three

Singles  Wendy Jensen

Pairs       Millie Nathan/Lisa Dickson

Fours      Connie Mathieson/Elaine McClintock/Adele Ineson/Ruth Lynch

Reserve  Debs Presland


Premier Two

Round One

Singles  Colleen Rice

Pairs      Jamie Chen/Robyne Walker (C)

Fours     Theresa Rogers/Trish Hardy/Jacqui Belcher/Sheryl Wellington

Reserve  Judy Smith

Round Two

Singles  Theresa Rogers

Pairs      Jamie Chen/Robyne Walker

Fours     Judy Smith/Trish Hardy/Jacqui Belcher/Sheryl Wellington

Reserve Colleen Rice

Round Three

Singles    Judy Smith

Pairs        Jamie Chen/Robyne Walker

Fours       Theresa Rogers/Trish Hardy/Colleen Rice/Sheryl Wellington

Reserve Jacqui Belcher


Congratulations to Connie Mathieson on her third place in the national singles

Congratulations to Selina Smith who is playing for a finals spot in the  national pairs this morning

Congratulations to Robyne Walker and Adele Ineson who made the top 8 in the National  Pairs .