BNH Women Battle of the Bridge

The selectors (John, Gail, Ian and Graham) met again this morning to finalise the squads to play in the Battle of the Bridge Sunday 1st December 2019.

As discussed previously, there are 3 rounds in the event. 

Each player to play Fours, Pairs and Singles

(Unavailable for selection: Anne Dorreen)

We are fortunate to have such depth at this level, but to coin a well-known phrase, it is not possible to place 19 players into 16 positions.

Those named as reserves are not out of the selectors thinking – we simply need to see those who were unavailable for the quadrangular event, play at this level. 

Current form in Centre, Invitational, National events will clearly have an impact on consideration for the final squad selected.

The selectors have given a lot of thought to a players position within a discipline  i.e either a front end or back end player, in deciding the combinations for the Battle of Bridge.

However, there are a few players who we want to see playing at both front and back ends depending on the discipline.

Our long term goal is to pick the best squad for the InterCentre in March and our combined view is to give everybody the best possible opportunity to be the best they can be.


The Centre has designated Sunday 17th November as a rep trials day.  This will not be a trial for us, it will be a training session for both squads.

It is planned:

  • to be at Takapuna (to be confirmed).
  • Dress: Mufti
  • Arrive: 10am
  • Session 1: 10:15am – 12:15
  • Lunch 12:15 (byo)
  • Session 2: 12:45 – 2:45
  • Debrief at the conclusion of Session 2 (allow 15mins)


Premier 1   Premier 2
Squad Captain: Lisa Parlane   Squad Captain: Elizabeth Ring
Fours – Team Blue   Fours – Team Blue
Skip Lisa Parlane    Skip Elizabeth Ring
Three Selina Goddard   Three Jan Harrison
Two Elaine McClintock   Two Trish Hardy
Lead Trish Croot   Lead Connie Mathieson
Fours – Team Red   Fours – Team Red
Skip Ruth Lynch   Skip Christeen Dalzell
Three Lauren Mills   Three Robyne Walker
Two Deb Presland   Two Adele Ineson
Lead Wendy Jensen   Lead Millie Nathan
Pairs – Team Yellow   Pairs – Team Yellow
Skip Lisa Parlane   Skip Elizabeth Ring
Lead Wendy Jensen   Lead Millie Nathan
Pairs – Team Green   Pairs – Team Green
Skip Ruth Lynch   Skip Christeen Dalzell
Lead Elaine McClintock   Lead Connie Mathieson
Pairs – Team Black   Pairs – Team Black
Skip Lauren Mills   Skip Jan Harrison
Lead Selina Goddard   Lead Trish Hardy
Pairs – Team Orange   Pairs – Team Orange
Skip Deb Presland   Skip Robyne Walker
Lead Trish Croot   Lead Adele Ineson
Reserve     Reserves  
Kerin Roberts   Colleen Rice
      Theresa Rogers