BNH Ryman PPL Carnival COP and Draw 20th – 21st Aug 2022

  • August 16, 2022

Hi All, many apologies for the delay in posting the COP and draw.  

We have had to use all 8 rinks at each venue to accommodate the 7 teams per section over 8 rounds.

Because of this we have had to do a couple things to make everything work.

  1. 1 side per round will have a bye
  2. 1 pairs team in a side will have a bye (totaling 4 pairs teams having a bye each round)
  3. This bye round is played in the last round (round 8)
  4. There are about 5 instances in rounds 6, 7, 8 where pairs teams must play on the same rink twice.
    1.  We have tried to ensure when this happens at least 2 rounds have been played before coming back to the rink.
    2. Due to the large number of games being played on 8 rinks over 8 rounds (63) it’s impossible to avoid.

COP PPL 2022 140822