Announcement of Women’s Representative team to play at Pukekohe

  • July 26, 2020

The BNH Women’s representative team to play Waikato  in a preseason practice match on 30 August at Pukekohe Stadium is as below


Fours  Open Conditions 15 ends

Pairs   Open Conditions  18 ends

Mufti but with a BNH jacket .

Two rounds


Round One

Pairs ( Blue team):                 Selina Smith/Jamie Chen

Pairs (Red team):                   Wendy Jensen/Millie Nathan

Fours (Blue team:                   Ruth Lynch/Deb Presland/Robyne Walker/Anne Dorreen

Fours (Red Team):                 Elaine McClintock/Lauren Mills/Trish Hardy/Theresa Rogers

Mixed Pairs:                            Judy Smith / Male BNH playerTBA.

Reserve:   Adele Ineson


Round Two

Pairs (Blue Team):                 Selina Smith/Millie Nathan

Pairs (Red Team):                  Ruth Lynch /Anne Dorreen

Fours ( Blue Team):               Wendy Jensen/Lauren Mills/Judy Smith/Theresa Rogers

Fours (Red Team):                 Elaine McClintock/Deb Presland/Robyne Walker/Jamie Chen

Mixed Pairs:                             Adele Ineson/Male BNH player TBA

Reserve:   Trish Hardy


All players will be contacted re. travel arrangements  

The Management Team