AGM – Notice of Motion, Board Member & Coach/Manager/Selector Applications

  • May 15, 2018


This is a reminder regarding AGM application information – 

Please note that any Notice of Motion for the BNH AGM close today.

Please see the relevant sections of the BNH constitution relating to same.

Board Member Nominations close on 1st June 2018

Gary Stevens, Wayne Wrack and John McCormack are re-standing and do not need to be nominated as they have completed only one year of the two year appointment.

Graham Dorreen, Tony Rickerby, Garry Banks and Denise Samuel have completed their two year appointment.

Nominations for Coaches/Selectors/Managers of the Open men’s and women’s squads and 1-5 men’s and women’s squads close on 1st June 2018

Now is your time to make a contribution to the Centre and be part of a progressive association either as a Board Member or Coach/Manager/Selector.

Board Member Nomination form – Nomination form Board Member

Rep Coach/Manager/Selector Application form – Applications Rep teams